Borough Considering Schools, Taxes in New Budget

Posted: March 21, 2014 at 1:20 pm

The Kenai Peninsula Borough is putting together the new budget, dealing with increasing education costs and decreasing revenues.


Borough Mayor Mike Navarre said the Borough and School District are being affected by reduced State funding…


Mayor Navarre: “In terms of what their projected deficit is, we’re going to try to help them, but education is the Borough’s biggest expenditure and because it’s our biggest expenditure, when we make that decision it probably has an effect on taxes in the short term and the long term, because the Borough doesn’t generate money except through it’s tax structure, and so our ability to fund the school district is depend on our level of revenue.”


Navarre told the Assembly this week that they may have to consider cutting services or increasing taxes.

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2 Comments to “Borough Considering Schools, Taxes in New Budget”

  • Steve Wright says:

    Told Ya So. Last year when the extremely Few Alaskans that actually VOTE voted for a $50,000 Increase to the Boro Personal Property Tax EXEMPTION ?

    Everyone was Jumping for Joy with that increase in the Exemption. I stated the the Boro Government will ALWAYS find a way to increase Revenues. This increase in the Exemption was a Bad Idea. Well you are Now Looking at that need for Revenue Increase .

    Lay Off Teachers & Custodains, increase the number of Students in the ClassRoom while Upper Management is NOT Touched. SOSDD SPW

  • gary says:

    We don’t have money for education because Parnell and his followers have gutted the treasury to give billions of dollars to the oil companies.

    We can’t run our schools, fix our roads or do any number of things we ought to do, no, we have to pay the oil companies billions of dollars instead of providing for the needs of Alaskan residents.

    Repeal Senate Bill 21, vote yes to repeal the billions of dollar give-away.