Borough Calls Open Meeting For K-Beach Water Concerns

The Kenai Peninsula Borough has announced a meeting this Thursday to share information and answer questions about flooding along K-Beach Road.


David Yragui of Redoubt Plumbing was the first to bring this issue to light last week, which is especially affecting residents between mile 11 and 16 of K-Beach Road…


Yragui: “If these people that have flooded crawl spaces start pumping their crawl spaces, then they take a chance  on undermining their foundations for their houses. If they pump their septic tanks, the pump people will pump come in and pump the tank, but the groundwater’s going to fill the septic tank right back up, and in doing that, they’re damaging their leach fields.”


Thursdays’ meeting will start at 6pm at the Donald Gilman River Center on Funny River Rd.


Representatives will be on hand from the State Department of Environmental Conservation, the DOT, Homeland Security & Emergency Management as well as KPB Departments, who will be available to provide information and answer questions.


For more, read: Septic Water Seeping into Groundwater on K-Beach and Borough Continues Talks on K-Beach Water Issue.

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