Borough Begins K-Beach Drainage Efforts

Posted: November 1, 2013 at 5:01 pm

K-Beach residents can hope to see water receding off roads and their properties as the borough has begun efforts to channel some of the higher volumes of water into the Cook Inlet.


We asked Brenda Ahlberg with the borough what results they have seen.


Ahlberg: “The Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Management helped us to get the state and federal permits approved so that we could get in there and immediately start boring under K-Beach Road at approximately mile 13. They worked into the night I think they were wrapping up about 8:00 last night and resumed again at first light this morning to get the pipes connectivity going and get it down to the beach. At approximately 1:00 today the water did start out flowing into the inlet.”


Ahlberg also said the Department of Homeland Security is scheduled to come down and assess the area next week.


Ahlberg: “We have been working with DHS everyday by either phone calls or providing them information via email and they are scheduled to be here on Tuesday to start assessing the area to do a report that can be prepared and provided to the Governor’s office so we don’t want folks to think we were delaying them or asking them to wait that was not the case at all, we are certainly preparing everything and working with them everyday to get the information they need.”


Additionally the borough urges affected residents to fill out a Preliminary Flood Damage Report Form to determine what areas need assessed.



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One Comment to “Borough Begins K-Beach Drainage Efforts”

  • Steve Wright says:

    Wed. 11/6/13 This would be the perfect opportunity to move forward with the use of UnManned Aerial Vehicles U A V,s or Helicopter Drones .
    Give this some thought. What can You see from a Boro or State Highway or Gravel Road ? Very Limited View even with binoculars.

    Drones could fly over these Flooded areas within minutes & communicate exactly the location of the original problem & where the flooding begins. Fly a Grid & Search Pattern & provide exact information instead of Guessing & Speculation.
    Very Valuable Tool that provides immediate Answers to solve Problems. or keep doing this “Old School” & guessing the origin of the problem. SPW “Airborne”