Borough Assembly to Introduce Budget Proposal Tonight

During their meeting tonight, the Kenai Peninsula Borough Assembly will get their first look at the Navarre administration’s proposed FY14 budget. We spoke to Borough Mayor Mike Navarre…


KPB Mayor Navarre: “It’s going well, in fact, we are getting ready to introduce the budget at tonight’s assembly to the assembly. Then they will consider it over the course of the next month, and it will be up for passage on June 4th, I believe is the date.”


We also asked Mayor Navarre how this year’s budget compares to last years


KPB Mayor Navarre: “Obviously, this is a negotiations year, so we have a new labor contract. That is something that we’re also going to introduce at the next assembly meeting[May 21st] for assembly consideration. The negotiations are completed, the union has ratified it, so now it goes to the assembly for their approval . Overall, the assessed values in borough increased by about 4%, good portion of that was oil and gas properties, if you take out the oil and gas properties, the increase was only about 1.5%. Total budget is gone up about less than 1%, about 0.4% compared to last year, we’ve increased the school district funding by a little bit this year over last year.”


Navarre said that when it comes to the non-departmental funding, the proposed budget has status-quo level funding from last year’s budget.

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