Borough Assembly to Hold First Meeting at New Time Tonight.

Tonight will be the first meeting of the Kenai Peninsula Borough Assembly, with the assembly meeting earlier in the evening.

Earlier this Month, the assembly voted in favor of changing its regular meeting times from 7pm on the first and third Tuesdays of each month to 6pm. Assembly Member Mako Haggerty of Homer…


Haggerty: “There wasn’t a lot of discussion about it, it seemed like a good idea and after polling the Assembly, it looked like there was almost no dissent from the public on this either.”


One of the reasons for changing the time was to accommodate those who live outside the Kenai/Soldotna area and have to travel. Assembly Member Sue McClure of Seward, applauded the move.


McClure: “I want to express my pleasure at the meeting time change ordinance passing, that now we’ll begin at 6 o’clock, and that gets me through the moose a little bit faster. Last meeting, driving home, there were six moose on the road at Mile 17, and we don’t have clearing there, so there are moose everywhere.”

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