Borough Assembly to Elect New President, Vice-President

A new President and Vice President of the Kenai Peninsula Borough Assembly will be elected tonight, as new Assembly members Dale Bagley and Wayne Ogle take their seats.


Bagley confirmed he won’t run for the top job, despite replacing the former President Linda Murphy…


Bagley: “That’s a lot of work!”


The Assembly will also consider 911 dispatch center employees. Mayor Mike Navarre…


KPB Mayor Navarre: “We’ve been negotiating with the Department of Public Safety on the Dispatch Center in Soldotna. Half the employees there are State employees, half are Borough employees and there are some issues that have come about as a result of that, so we have been negotiating with the Department of Public Safety about having the state pay the borough and then we would employee the folks at the center, and we have been negotiating on that for a while. And that was up before the Assembly at public hearing, and we asked them to delay it, because there are still some outstanding issues that are unresolved, and hopefully we’ll find a way to reach agreement, and if not, we won’t go forward with it.”


But the hot topic tonight will likely be the proposal to issue $43 million in revenue bonds for the expansion of Central Peninsula Hospital. Dan Green has been circulating a petition, calling for a public vote on the decision. He will be a guest on KSRM’s Sound Off program at 10am today.



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