Borough Assembly to Address Flooding Issues Friday


The Borough assembly will be holding a special meeting this coming Friday to address the needs though out borough due to the recent flooding.

We spoke to Borough Mayor Mike Navarre..


Mayor Navarre: “Well the biggest item that’s on there is an appropriation for $50,000 to do response from to the flooding disaster and also some of the repair work to some of the levees and roads, and things like that. The Borough only appropriates $50,000 in emergency fund for disaster emergency and if it goes beyond that, of course, we’ve asked for disaster relief from the state, the governor has declared it a disaster and maybe declared a federal disaster also, we’ll see as things move forward. We’re using a lot of equipment particularly in Seward to try to shore up some of the levees and protect property, public infrastructure, personal residences, and things like that. Most of it will be reimbursed.”


Once again, that meeting will be held Friday at 1:00pm in the Borough assembly chambers in Soldotna

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