Borough Assembly On Moving Forward With Flood Mitigation

Last night a meeting was held to discuss the future mitigation process concerning the Emergency Declaration put in place to help with residents suffering from property damage during the severe flooding over the last month.


Among the multiple agencies that attended the meeting alongside Borough Mayor Mike Navarre, several members of the Borough Assembly attended as well.


We spoke Assemblymen Kelly Wolf (District 1 – Kalifornsk), Wayne Ogle (District 3 – Nikiski) and Brent Johnston (District 7 – Central).


Asm. Wolf: “I think we have to be self sufficient, if you’ve got water in your crawlspace, I think you need to pump it out. There’s a gentleman here that I’m going to try and talk to and I’ll get with Pat and provide some assistance, I’ve got some construction background, we need to rely on each other. Again its a second class borough, how far do we really want to go with government because if there’s an entity that can screw it up, its government.”


Asm. Johnson: “You know people are having serious property damage in their homes and they are upset, its often easy to blame government and neighbors and so there’s people doing that but I can assure you that government at least is doing what they can and rather than having a knee jerk reaction they’re dealing with all the agencies, trying to come up with short term and long term solutions.”


Asm. Ogle: “Well my impression is that there a lot of stressed out people who have been involved in an ongoing and frustrating condition, there’s no point on the horizon they can look to for an immediate fix and it will be continuing, I do think the borough has laid out the fact that they’ve been doing an awful lot of good work to mitigate, they’ve got a lot of limitations but I think they’re doing the best they possibly can.”

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