Borough Assembly Candidate Speaks Out On Fiscal Note Policy

Wayne Ogle, currently running for the Nikiski seat on the Kenai Peninsula Borough Assembly, give a preview of his political views at last night’s meeting of the Assembly. Ogle spoke in favor of the postponed fiscal note ordinance…


Ogle: “I don’t think that fiscal notes would necessarily be an onerous, heavy burden on administration. To me, in the organizations I’ve been involved with, fiscal notes are being built from the minute you start thinking about doing a project or an activity, and a fiscal note for the Borough, I would imagine Department Heads could take their calculations and assessments of what something would cost, and it’s really cut and paste into a fiscal note.”


Ogle thanked Assembly President Linda Murphy and Member Kelly Wolf for bringing forward the proposal.


Ogle: “I’ll quote the Borough Assembly President: ‘I just want us to all know what we are voting for when we vote.’ And I would just add to that that the public also needs to know what you are voting for, too.”

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