Borough Assembly Calls on Board of Fish to Meet in Kenai

Asking the Board of Fish to meet on the Kenai Peninsula “seemed like the right thing to do” according to Borough Assembly Member Mako Haggerty. At last night’s meeting of the Assembly, Mr. Haggerty described a resolution to ask the Board to meet here…


Haggerty: “Resolution 2013-017, urging the Alaska Board of Fisheries to hold its 2014,c oncerning Upper Cook Inlet Finfish Proposals within the Kenai Peninsula Borough, this was brought to us by the Mayor and Assemblyman Johnson, and basically, we’re asking the Board of Fisheries to hold their meeting here on the Kenai, when the issues are pertaining to the fisheries that happen here on the Kenai Peninsula.”


Haggerty said there was very little public comment, and that the feeling is that the public is behind this request to have the Board meet on the Peninsula for the first time since 1999. Last night, this resolution was passed by the Assembly unanimously.


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