Borough Appropriates $40,000 To Target Elodea in Daniels Lakes

The Kenai Peninsula Borough has appropriated $40,000 from the State Legislature to purchase Floridone to fight elodea in Daniels Lake. Supervisory Biologist John Morton with the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge said they’re currently aware of the weed growing in Stormy Lake as well…


Morton: “Our real interest in treating both Daniels and Stormy Lake is somewhat contingent on whether or not we find elodea in other lakes on the Kenai Peninsula, because our goal right now for this project is actually to eradicate it from the Peninsula, and the idea is that if we find that it’s already invaded more lakes than we had expected on the Peninsula, it may not be financially and logistically feasible.”


Morton said the chemical shouldn’t cause any serious harm to fish or other organisms in the lake. He was cautiously optimistic about Daniels Lake, though Stormy Lake could pose some problems…


Morton: “I think we can probably handle these two lakes and maybe another lake or two, depending on how far the infestation has gone. Right now, we’re kind of looking at Stormy as a whole lake treatment. If Stormy is so infested at this point, for us to try and eradicate it in Stormy would basically be a whole lake treatment.”


For more, read: Elodea a Grave Concern for KNWR.

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