Bookey to Seek Second Term on Council

Bookey: “I have submitted my paperwork to seek a second term on the city council for the City of Kenai. I got notice from the City Clerk that my petition was sufficient, so I will be on the ballot for city council in the City of Kenai again.”


Current Kenai City Council member Terry Bookey confirming his intentions to seek a second term on the council. During our conversation with Bookey yesterday morning, we asked why Kenai voters should give him a second three-year term…


Bookey: “I’m proud of some of the accomplishments that have been done in the past three-years in the City of Kenai. Some that I’m most proud of is though suggestions that I’ve given to the city council, we now have a trails development plan, and you can enjoy the first phase of that plan as you walk on the pedestrian trail between Lief Hanson park and Daubenspeck Park. I’ve also co-sponsored legislation providing tax incentives for homes to be constructed with residential sprinkler systems, legislation that was nationally recognized actually as a model of offering incentives rather than mandates for the installation of home sprinkler systems.”


Bookey also said that he has a proven record of being available to the voters of Kenai as well as being receptive to feed back and criticism.

There are two-council seats up for election this October, Bookey’s seat and the seat currently held by Brian Gabriel, as well as, the race for mayor with current council member Bob Molloy challenging incumbent Mayor Pat Porter.

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