Board of Game to Meet in Kenai This Month

The Alaska Board of Game will hold its Southcentral Region meeting in Kenai this month. We spoke to Jeff Selinger in the Soldotna office of the Department of Fish and Game…


Selinger: “The Alaska Board of Game will be meeting at the Kenai Visitor’s Center. The dates for that meeting are March 15th through the 19th. It’s the public’s chance to get in front of the Board and the Board is the organization that’s responsible for making our hunting and trapping regulations. So, it’s a chance for the public to get out in front of the Board and let the Board know what they think on various issues regarding game management in our area.”


We asked Selinger about the issues currently on the table…


Selinger: “The main proposals that we have deal with our moose seasons and dates and hunting opportunities. Brown bear hunting opportunities, black bear, and there is a proposal in there regarding hunting ptarmigan.”


Selinger said the Board would also discuss motorized activity and moose hunting in the Lower Kenai Controlled Use Area, around the Caribou Hills. He said this discussion usually comes up every year.

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