Board of Game to Address Bear Issues Beginning Today

The Alaska Board of Game will begin their meeting process in the City of Kenai today. Besides proposals regarding moose and predator control issues on the Kenai Peninsula, Board chairman Ted Spraker told us that brown bear issues will be addressed


Spraker: “There’s several proposals to increasing the hunting opportunities for brown bears, so that’s another on the board’s going to take a pretty careful look at. Hopeful to have a lot of people come to the board and voice their opinion, the board really appreciates and likes to hear local opinion on management of the game. We’re kind of at a level with the brown bears, where it comes down to, how many brown bears can you tolerate around your house sort of decisions, I think we’re far beyond the conservation concerns we had in the past with these new numbers.” 


The meetings will take palce though Tuesday the 19th at the Kenai Visitors Center, with the first session kicking off this morning at 8:30am.

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