Board of Game Chair Outlines Kenai Peninsula Bear and Moose Changes

The Alaska Board of Game wrapped up their five-day meeting process in the City of Kenai yesterday afternoon.

We spoke to board chair, Ted Spraker of Soldotna who outlined some changes that the board made to the local moose hunt…


Spraker: “The board listened to a lot of public comment, the Department’s concerns, the Department’s information provided to help the board make this decision. What we’ve wound up with is the season will be exactly the same as before, August 20 to September 20, however, we’ve added spike bulls to the bag limit. So with this upcoming year, the bag limit for the Kenai, units 15 and 7, will be a spike bull, or a bull with 50” antlers or four brow tines.”


Spraker also noted that the board of game made some significant changes to brown bear regs, following heavy public testimony from hunters and non-hunters about Kenai Peninsula brown bears…


Spraker: “There were several proposals to really broaden the hunting opportunity for brown bear on the Kenai. And I want to make it very clear, we approached it with the opportunity to allow a little more hunting opportunity for bears, it wasn’t a predator control effort by the board or the Department of Fish and Game. The season that was adopted, and this will start this fall, will be a registration hunt, it will be unlimited as far as how many can register. The season will start September 1st, and will continue throughout the winter, it will end on May 31st. The bag limit, which was one bear per four regulatory years in the past, will now be one bear per regulatory year.”



The board did retain the $25 resident brown bear tag, and took action on the non-resident tag.



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