Board of Game Chair Discusses Predator Control

As we’ve reported, the Alaska Board of Game is set to meet in Kenai beginning tomorrow. During our conversation with Board Chair Ted Spraker of Soldotna, we asked if the board will be taking up the issue of predator control


Spraker: “There’s a couple of proposals that address predator control, there’s one in subunit 15A, which in the northern part of the Kenai. Its a proposal addressing whether or not the board should continue its authorization to the department to remove wolves in that area. Again, the reason for that proposal is to benefit moose. This proposal is to do away with aerial gunning of wolves in 15A, proposal 147.”


Spraker said that he hadn’t formed a concrete opinion on this issue leading up to the meeting…


Spraker: “I’m anxious to listen to the public and look at the information provided by the department, and I’ll kind of develop my position as we go along. I can see both sides of the argument. One of the things that I have to make very clear, we have an intensive management law that the legislature passed back in 1994, and it obligates the board to address some kind of activity to increase moose numbers, we if reduce hunting opportunities, and in 15A, because the population estimate is so low, and the harvest objective is not even close to be met, the board is obligated to do something.”


The meeting will begin with a town hall style meeting at  at the Kenai Visitors Center, meetings will then be held through Tuesday the 19th at the Kenai Visitors Center

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