Board of Game Announces Kenai Meeting

The Alaska Board of Game will meet on the Kenai Peninsula for the first time in more than two decades.


Board of Game Chairman Ted Spraker…


Spraker: “The last time the Board of Game met on the Kenai Peninsula was 1992. We are meeting March 15 through 19 in Kenai at the Kenai Visitors Center, and hopefully all of you will be there. We’re going to talk about brown bear issues and moose issues. It’s going to be a very interesting meeting to say the least.”


That announcement was made at the Borough Assembly meeting last night. Later in the meeting, a similar request was made for the Board of Fish by John McCombs.


McCombs: “Please advocate for local residents and businesses. Write the Governor, to request the Board of Fish deliberate in the area of concern: Soldotna. Remind him that the Board has not deliberated here since 1999. Even a resolution would be helpful, but maybe you could write him a letter and write the Board a letter, also.”


No action has been taken at this time.

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