Board of Fish Public Comment Runs Overtime

Public comment at the Board of Fisheries meeting is continuing this afternoon, well over schedule. We spoke to Ricky Gease with Kenai River Sportfishing Association who is in Anchorage today…


Gease: “A lot of testimony right now currently is just going on with Proposal 249, with the Late Run King Salmon Management Plan. And after public testimony, the Committee of the Whole will talk about what’s occurring. We’re looking at trying to get prescriptive paired step-down measures, with a precautionary zone above the new SEG goal of 15,000-30,000 fish.”


KRSA was the sponsor of Proposal 225, relating to commercial fisheries permit stacking. The Proposal was withdrawn, since Gease said it can now be dealt with at a regional level; however, public comment today showed commercial fishermen affected were not pleased with the proposal. We asked Gease why KRSA was interested in a commercial fisheries issue…


Gease: “It pertains to conservation and we’re a fishery conservation organization.”

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