Board of Fish Begins Today

The Board of Fisheries begin their meeting in Anchorage today, considering 236 proposals on Upper Cook Inlet issues.


Uniquely, the City of Soldotna authored a proposal this year, to close portions of the Centennial campgrounds to fishermen from July 1 through August 30 of each year. Parks and Rec Director Andrew Carmichael explains…


Carmichael: “To try to improve the safety in the area near the boat launch at Centennial campground. Over the years many interactions have occurred where lures flew into boats, people almost hit by boats trying to enter the limited space during currents.”


If the proposal is adopted by the Board, the area would still be open to the public in May and June. Carmichael said the two-month closure would revolve around the peak of the sockeye season.


In the official paperwork, Carmichael wrote that no one would suffer from the changes, but during our conversation he conceded some may be disappointed…


Carmichael: “The people who have a position that that’s the only place they can catch fish. People who would be positively impacted would be boaters coming in and out and possible even a potential person bank fisherman standing there that will now hopefully not be standing there to where they might be at risk of being hit by a boat or something like that.”


You can view the full book of proposals on the Board of Fish website. To listen to the  meetings online, click here.

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