Board of Fish Applicants Interviewed, Decision to Come

Alaska Boards and Commissions has already begun interviewing Board of Fish applicants, including local resident Paul A. Shadura II. Shadura is a Board member of the commercial fisheries organization Kenai Peninsula Fisherman’s Association, but said it’s important to note that Board Members don’t represent specific groups…


Shadura II: “Really you’re not supposed to be representative of a political affiliation or an area, or a user group, so to speak, but the unwritten rule is that the Board would like to maintain some kind of balance, that’s dependent on the Governor’s choices, and so they put on different user group stakeholders that have a different expertise, so to speak.”


Shadura said the Board has seen many changes through the years. At one time, there was one Board addressing both fishing and hunting issues, and there has been discussion of splitting the Board into two: one for commercial fishing issues and one for sportfishing. However, Shadura had a different recommendation…


Shadura II: “Look more into the science to get more of the information out to the stakeholders, maybe have some other meetings that are pre-regulatory meetings, so that many things could be worked out with user groups, and possibly the ability to have the Board of fish members have access to staff, an independent staff for the Department maybe, so they can better regulate the workload and the information. It’s tremendous that we have now, that just wasn’t available to us in the ’70’s.”


Shadura said he’s been interviewed for the Board, like many others, but a decision is still pending.

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