BLM Plans to Clean Up 50 Abandoned Wells

The federal Bureau of Land Management has announced plans to clean up 50 old exploration wells in the NPR-A, but Rep. Charisse Millett of Anchorage says it’s not enough.


Rep. Millet(R-South Anchorage): “Again, we tell the federal government that not only are  we’re renaming their legacy wells, travesty wells, because that’s exactly what they are. But we’re asking them again to fund the clean up, or give the State of Alaska primacy over the wells and we’ll clean them up. This has just been going on way too long with little attention from the federal government, and we really need to push this issue. Alaskans deserve their land to be in pristine condition, and that’s the BLM’s mission statement, and they could do that right now and be heroes.”


There are a total of 136 abandoned wells in the NPR-A. 18 have been plugged and another 50 are addressed in the BLM’s 2013 Strategic Plan. Millett wants to know what’s happening with the remaining 68.


The BLM says that 18 are used to monitor climate change and another 50 require no action at all.

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