Bird Viewing Platform Set For Rehabilitation

At this week’s meeting of Kenai CityCouncil, Robert Ruffner with the Kenai Watershed Forum made a presentation about an ongoing rehabilitation project at the Kenai Bird Viewing Platform. Ruffner said the Watershed Forum has tried many methods over the years…


Ruffner: “There was a road that went down that was going to be a dock that just never materialized, and that compacted soil and failed road hasn’t regrown its vegetation and so therefore, we have some fallow land that’s right there ont he tidal flats. And what we’d like to do is restore that to where the birds and other animals would utilize that, it’s not just an open scar on the land on the tidal flats.”


At the Council Meeting, several Council members mentioned that this presentation cleared up some of the fears they’d heard in the community. Mr. Ruffner explained…


Ruffner: “That was news to us a couple weeks ago, that some people were concerned about access, but there’s never been any desire or move to limit anybody’s access whatsoever.”


Ruffner said duck hunters seemed to be the most concerned about access to the area.


The next step for the project is a work session, scheduled for January 22.

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