Binkley Project Working Through Rain

Despite weather setbacks, the Binkley Project is optimistic about getting the second mini roundabout open this week.


Project Manager Lee Frey…



Frey: “We got the main strip of Binkley paved on Saturday so we still have some approaches left to do, a couple driveways, things like that, mainly once we get those last little bits paved then we need a dry spell here to get out and do all the painting and striping on the roads so that everybody can stay in their driving lanes and know where to go, once we get all that done should be opening up traffic, we’re hoping to get that done Tuesday but we’ll see how the weather holds.” 


He also spoke about the next sections that will be closed, and said they are working to impact traffic as little as possible.



Frey: “Right now the contractor is working from south of Shady Lane to south of Park Avenue intersection, doing a little bit of underground and prepping that for curb and sidewalk in that area, once they’re done in that area and we get Redoubt intersection open they’ll be working north of Corral Street to south of Marydale. We’ve got a lot of doctor’s offices in there and the library so we’ll be making sure that we keep those accesses open as well as there is some construction going on behind the Mundell Building area.”


Frey encouraged public trying to access offices and businesses in the affected areas to contact those businesses for the latest parking and access updates.

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  1. Bob 5 August, 2014, 09:11

    When are the people of Soldotna going to wake up and railroad the “mini City Manager” back to the East coast. His Mimi roundabouts are becoming a laughing point, more so if you watch the CES trucks maneuvering back into their station. Maybe a “mini series” about silly things not to do in Alaska will be this seasons fall spectacular on TV.

    Can hardly wait for first snow when unfamiliar drivers take out front ends on center mounds.

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