Binkley Project to Move Into Redoubt Intersection in a Week or Two

The Binkley Street Renovation Project is currently working north of Riverview Ave. and south of the Redoubt St. Intersection but is slated to move into that intersection within two weeks.


Project Manager Lee Frey said they will work to inhibit traffic in the Redoubt intersection as little as possible.


Frey: “We’re doing a lot of work underground at this point in the project just trying to get things prepped for putting in sidewalks and the new paving in there so currently they’re just finishing up a lot of underground work, insulating some water services and sewer services and hydrants. Probably about a week or two we should be tearing into the Redoubt intersection and we’re estimating probably about a month, maybe five weeks to complete all the construction work in that intersection and then we’ll start moving north.”


We also asked what response the City of Soldotna has heard from the public about the new roundabout.


Frey: “We’ve heard mixed comments both ways, we’ve heard a lot of people who really enjoy it and think its a great improvement to that intersection, we’ve heard a couple people that still don’t like it, hoping to change their minds on it, we are looking at some increased signage at that intersection, we’ve had a couple of complaints saying that we should have some things that say roundabout, people don’t know what the signs need so we are looking at doing some improvements, its a fine line trying not to over sign versus undersign. 


For a video on how to navigate a roundabout, click here.

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