Bill Walker in Soldotna on Sunday

Gubernatorial candidate Bill Walker will be in Soldotna this weekend with his running mate Craig Fleener.


The pair will hold an open meeting at Froso’s from 6-8pm on Sunday.


Walker has been widely recognized for his opposition to the Governor’s new oil taxes. We asked if he would have thrown his name in the hat if SB21 hadn’t been signed into law…


Walker: “You know, I think I would. I’m not a single issue person. I’m just tired of Alaska not playing offense. We play a whole lot of defense, but don’t play much offense on our resource development. We rely upon other people to do something, we let other people determine what size or what kind of development we do and I’m just not a defense person. I think there’s an appropriate time, but if you don’t play some offense on the field you’re never going to move the ball forward.”

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