Bill Walker Announces Running Mate

Independent gubernatorial candidate Bill Walker announced running mate Craig L. Fleener of Fort Yukon yesterday, who until last week was a member of the Parnell Administration.


Fleener served as deputy commissioner of the Department of Fish and Game during his time in that position provided policy and administrative guidance on wildlife and subsistence management.


Fleener explains why he resigned from that position.


Fleener: “Clearly, I can’t start running on another ticket and expect to be working for the Governor at the same time, so no, I had no ax to grind, I still have no ax to grind. I really appreciate the opportunities that were provided for me at Fish & Game.”


Prior to his state service, Fleener worked as the executive director for the Council of Athabascan Tribal Governments and has served in the  U. S. Marine Corps and is currently a major in the Alaska Air National Guard.


Walker explained why he chose Fleener.


Walker: “There’s a lot of people that expressed interest about issues associated with access for fish  and game issues, and they were concerned that more wasn’t being done, and Craig has a background in that, and also his military background. I think it’s good to have somebody in the Governor’s office level that has that kind of background and Alaska military and veteran’s affairs.”


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