Bill to Clarify AGDC Membership Passes State Affairs Committee

The bill to clarify the allowance of out-of-state residents to serve on the board of the Alaska Gas Development Corporation passed the Senate State Affairs Committee over the weekend.


House Bill 383 was passed on to the Rules Committee after hearing support from current AGDC President John Burns.


Burns: “The ability to ensure that AGDC can achieve our mission and deliver on our responsibilities is critically dependent on the composition of the board that not only has a passion for the mission that lies before us but the complimentary skill set to achieve that mission.” 


Burns approves of the current appointment of Robert Rabinow of Texas, who Burns said has all the qualifications.


Gubernatorial candidate Bill Walker voiced his opinion on the bill this morning on KSRM’s Soundoff.


Walker: “I will never, as governor, I will never ever appoint anybody to a board of commission in Alaska from out-of-state. We have 700,000 Alaskans and I think they’re all smart, qualified people so I would never reach down to California or Texas to put people on boards of commissions in Alaska.”

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