Bill Embodying Erin’s Law To Be Heard In House Committee

The House Education Committee will hear House Bill 233 on Friday, a bill to promote sexual assault awareness and prevention in public schools.


Bill sponsor Rep. Geran Tarr of Anchorage said the law is based off of Erin’s law.


Rep. Tarr(D-Anchorage): “Erin Merryn herself is a survivor of childhood sexual abuse and she’s a courageous young woman who has made it her personal mission to get this law passed in all 50 states.”


It would direct school districts to create age appropriate curriculum along with training for faculty and staff who interact with students.


Rep. Tarr said that so far 11 states have passed Erin laws and over 20, including Alaska, introduced it to their legislatures this year.


Merryn will be in Alaska to promote awareness, meet with legislative hearings, and participate in the Governor’s Choose Respect March throughout this week.


Rep. Tarr(D-Anchorage): “We are thrilled, this is one of her last stops because she is pregnant and is going to do a couple more things in early April for Sexual Assault Awareness Month and then will be on maternity leave starting her family. So we are really thrilled to bring her to Alaska.”


Merryn will testify to the House Education Committee on Friday at 8 am.

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