Bike, Skate, Scoot This Saturday

The annual Bike, Skate, Scoot competition in Soldotna will kick off this Saturday at 1pm. Soldotna Senator Peter Micciche said he’s been looking forward to it for months…


Sen. Micciche(R-Soldotna): “It’s my favorite event, is the annual Bike, Skate, Scoot competition at the Soldotna Skate Park. That will occur this year on August 10th, and we’re just announcing to the community for folks that want to support these kids; great kids, it’s a great event. Had several hundred show up last year. Our furthest competitor was actually New Zealand last year. So, it’s a really good event, gives an opportunity for these young kids to showcase their talents. They are as athletic as any other athlete. It’s a pretty amazing sport, whether it’s skateboarding or BMX bikes, or now the scooters.”

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