Big Things On Agendas For Upcoming School Board Meetings

The KPBSD board has a lot on the table as far as school reconfiguration and changes within the budget.



We spoke with President of the School Board Joe Arness about some of the major issues coming up with a School Board Meeting on Nov. 4th and a work session on the 5th


Arness: “The reconfiguration of the Seward Schools, the superintendent is making his recommendation in that regard that will be done at the work session and then acted on on the agenda that evening. We also have the Soldotna Reconfiguration question coming to us in a work session in the afternoon, the final action on that won’t take place until the December meeting however but that from a district wide standpoint that would be the most important things for that evening.”



Arness said continuing talks about the budget are also coming up.


Arness: “The decision was made to approach it from the standpoint of raising the PTR by .5, that had an impact on the budget and we had further to go and we asked Dr. Atwater to come back with some suggestions or recommendations of ways that we might do that. The budget committee doesn’t mean until that following week and so we’re a little bit ahead of the curve but we want to get some idea of what the options are so and it can go to that budget development committee.”

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