Big Aftershocks Follow Big Earthquake In The Aleutians

A major earthquake was reported off the Aleutian Islands Friday morning, August 30th with a preliminary magnitude of 7.0.


The quake took place roughly 57 miles from Adak was felt strongly in Adak and Atka with shaking lasted up to one minute, there were no immediate reports of major damage but it did raise the question, are more on the way?


State Seismologist  Dr. Mike West explains.

West: “So what we’re seeing now is a whole series of after shocks associated with that. There are aftershocks of very significant size with magnitudes of 5 and over, but that’s all very consistent with an earthquake of that size.”




Dr. West went on to say this large earthquake, though being in the “ring of fire”, would most likely not  trigger either another large earthquake, or volcanic activity.



West: “The reason for that is pretty easy to understand. The areas immediately to the west, and the areas immediately to the east have ruptured in earthquakes in the past couple of decades so we have no reason to believe there is a strong build up of stress on either side.”

A tsunami warning was not issued with this earthquake.



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