Begich’s Proposal to Halt F-16 Move Pushing Ahead

A provision added into the Fiscal Year 2014 Defense Appropriations bill by U.S. Senator Mark Begich is moving one step closer to becoming law.

The provision to halt the relocation of the F16s from Eielson Air Force Base today passed out of the Senate Appropriations committee.

The overall bill boasts efficiencies and savings of more than $8 billion compared to the previous fiscal year and now will be heard before the full U.S. Senate.

Begich requested the language to halt their proposal to move the F-16 squad to Joint Base Elmendorf Richardson, noting that Air Force needed to do their homework on their proposal to move the F16s and they didn’t.

The State’s lone congressional democrat said that the move is issue of national security. As we make a push towards the Pacific, Eielson is in a unique position to be a key asset to the U.S., saying that we should be strengthening its military operations, not reducing them.


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