Begich Supports Guns in Parking Lots, Not in Post Offices

U.S. Senator Mark Begich told us yesterday he’s proud of his amendment to allow guns in post office parking lots…


Sen. Begich: “But to be frank with you I had to push against the chairman of the committee because he was not going to allow any additional amendments. And I objected to his ruling, which he is the democratic chair and I thought he was wrong, so I objected which is very unheard of. And there was, as you can imagine a moment of silence because people weren’t sure what was going to happen at that moment and I just looked right at him and he asked me to withdraw my amendment, or my objection and I said I’m not going to withdraw my objection.”


However, some Senate Republicans say the new gun laws don’t go far enough. Senator Rand Paul introduced an amendment which would have allowed gun owners to take their guns inside post offices. Senator Begich decided not to support that amendment.


The National Association for Gun Rights accused Begich of being “too scared to stand up to Obama’s anti-gun agenda, but he’s worried voting ‘no’ would look bad to you, so he’s trying to dodge his legislative responsibility all together.”


Begich insists he supports the 2nd amendment, and was following a similar case recently decided in Colorado.

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