Begich Says Russia Could ‘Solve’ Syria

U.S. Senator Mark Begich last night held a town hall teleconference with constituents, discussing the potential of a military strike against Syria.


While Senator Begich didn’t take a stance on the potential war, he was clear about Russia…


Sen. Begich (D-AK): “Russia has incredible potential and power right now to switch this situation off. They have a military base there, they are selling arms to the Assad government, they are in constant communication with his government. They could solve this problem overnight. They have also agreed utilization of chemical weapons are a violation of international law and should be prosecuted as such, but they don’t agree the Assad government has done it.”


Begich said he doesn’t think Alaskans are in favor of a strike, and hesitated to add his support since he’s not satisfied with how the Administration has answered his questions…


Sen. Begich (D-AK): “What’s the end game? You know, just going in there, making a few strikes, what happens if Assad does more chemical weapons? Are we back in? Are we then putting ground troops? That has not been clarified. Now, I know what some will say, well I have put too high of standards, and that means I’ll probably be a ‘no,’ well these are the standards when you are putting American lives on the line that we should have. So that’s where I’m at on this, and they have a lot to still prove to me.”


The state’s junior Senator said he is outraged by the Syrian government’s actions towards their own people, but insisted this should be a global response.

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