Begich Says He’s Looking Forward to EPA Report

As the EPA continues their assessment of the Bristol Bay watershed, U.S. Senator Mark Begich said he’s looking forward to their findings.


Sen. Begich(D-AK): “And they’re going to lay down now, on the table, September/October, what they view the ability of that mine being able to be productive, without impacting fisheries. I think it’s going to tell us a lot.”

Begich said, if it comes down to it, he will vote for the fish…


Sen. Begich(D-AK): “If it’s not going to be positive for our fishing industry, that will be then a problem for me. In other words, I am not willing to trade off our renewable resources, fisheries, in this state for a short-term economic boom. So, we’ll see how that all tells us, but I’m anxious for this report, because I think that’s going to be a critical piece for me to make my conclusion on what I think is possible and what’s not possible.”

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