Begich Pressed on His Party Stance

U.S. Senator Mark Begich is still a democrat, officially; however, he figures he’s also some kind of republican.


Begich was a guest yesterday on CNBC’s Squak Box and the hosts tried to pin down his partisan label…


Host: “I don’t know what you are, you’re more republican than democrat, and if you are, why don’t you just become a republican?
Sen. Begich(D-AK): “You know, Alaska democrats are very different, we support oil and gas development…”
Host: “You support ANWR drilling…”
Sen. Begich(D-AK): “.support ANWR drilling, actually have great debates
Host: “Guns”
Sen. Begich(D-AK): “Guns, you know, we support a stong military up there.”


When asked if he was more of a “Pelosi democrat” or a “Rockefeller republican,” Begich said probably the latter.

He does, however, say that he still agrees with the Democratic Party on other issues…


Sen. Begich(D-AK): “When it comes to labor issues, when it comes to individual rights, civil rights, like I said we’re kind of libertarian, we have a streak”


In 2008, Begich became the first democrat elected to congress from Alaska since 1974. He’s up for re-election to a second term next year.

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