Begich Pleased with NOAA Granting Apache’s Incidental Harassment Authorization

U.S. Sen. Mark Begich applauded today’s announcement that Apache has secured a key permit allowing the Cook Inlet’s largest lease holder to move forward with seismic testing in the Cook Inlet basin.

Today, the National Ocean and Atmospheric Administration or NOAA issued an Incidental Harassment Authorization to Apache.

With the IHA Apache can begin work this spring.

Begich said that while he wished it hadn’t taken this long, he is pleased NOAA finally issued the permit, saying, “I was just in Anchorage and Homer and heard a lot of concerns about Cook Inlet development and the possible gas shortage in Southcentral in coming years.  While Apache’s work is focused on oil exploration there is considerable gas potential as well.”

Begich, as Chairman of the Senate Oceans Subcommittee, has been pushing NOAA to speed up the permitting over the last several months to ensure work can be done this year.

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