Begich on Board For Kenai Bluff Erosion

Kenai City Manager Rick Koch pointed to the importance of Kenai bluff erosion during his recent hour-long audience with U.S. Senator Mark Begich…


Koch: “The authority to move forward with that has been on the Under-Secretary of the Army’s desk for a little over two years. And it hasn’t moved forward. Senator Begich committed to try and move that from where it presently resides, and he sits on Senate Appropriations Committee, so he’s in a pretty good spot to bring a little pressure to bear, so I’m very hopeful.”


Koch said Begich was impressed by the bluff views, and noted the lack of development…


Koch: “If there is a construction project that then halts that erosion, I believe the level of investment that will take advantage of that stable bluff will be substantial. I would expect to see tens, if not hundreds of millions of dollars invested into that mile-long area of the Kenai River.”


Sen. Begich is expected to have an answer in the next two months.

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