Begich, Murkowski Confirm Pritzker for Sec. Commerce

Penny Pritzker was approved by the U.S. Senate today to head the Department of Commerce. President Obama’s nominee for Secretary of Commerce received a 97-1 vote.


Alaska’s Senators Begich and Murkowski approved the nomination enthusiastically.


Sen. Begich said Pritzker “has the business chops, a proven track record of job creation in America, and solid experience in the travel and tourism industry – all traits that will serve Alaska well and make her more than qualified to head up the Department of Commerce.”


Sen. Murkowski agreed, and said she was encouraged to hear Pritzker say that “sound science, not political advocacy, must be the backbone of the federal government’s decisions with our oceans, fish and wildlife.”


Sen. Murkowski extended an invitation to Pritzker, inviting her to personally visit the 49th state.

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