Begich Looks to FEMA For Kenai Bluff Support

While U.S. Senator Mark Begich was recently in town, KSRM took the opportunity to ask how the Kenai bluffs project is progressing…


Sen. Begich(D-AK): “Every time I go out there, it seems like another chunk of land is gone, a chunk of the grass is gone, and it’s getting very dangerous to a certain extent. So, as the Borough moves forward, we’ve been supporting their efforts with some of the federal agencies. Whatever they need, we want to help them be successful there.”


But there was no word from Senator Begich about getting the decision document signed by the Army Corps of Engineers, as he promised Kenai City Manager Rick Koch. However, Sen. Begich has been looking to other agencies…


Sen. Begich(D-AK): “The climate has changed, despite, people can debate all the science they want about climate change, the impacts are here, and erosion is part of that equation. I don’t care if you’re in the Mat-Su and watching houses fall into the Matanuska valley Matanuska River, or down here on the Kenai, down in Homer, or down in Western Alaska. So, it’s a bigger problem. One of the things, another sub-committee I chair is called FEMA Emergency Management and Preparedness, so in that capacity, we’re trying to figure out, is there something we can do to create mitigation funds, a mitigation policy with FEMA, to start figuring this out? Because as soon as something caves in, FEMA’s called in.”

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