Begich Champions Veterans ID Card

Today, U.S. Sen. Mark Begich introduced legislation to create a “Veterans ID” card, which he says would enable veterans to more easily access benefits like reduced prices on pharmaceuticals, discounts from retailers for consumer products and businesses looking for ways to show their appreciation for veterans.


“We should be doing everything within our power,” said Sen. Begich, “To make everyday life simpler for our veterans who have sacrificed for our country.”

The big change with this legislation would be the broader availability. Begich’s office said that ID cards from the Veterans Administration are only available to those who served at least 20 years or have a service-connected disability. Other veterans carry a paper form called a DD-214 that contains various forms of personal data, which Begich called a “risk for identity theft.”


Begich’s said the ID card would be optional for veterans, and explained it would not confer any health care eligibility or VBA benefits.

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