Bears Continue to Roam K-Beach Neighborhoods

Posted: June 28, 2013 at 9:05 pm

The Soldotna Post of the Alaska State Troopers are continuing to ask that local residents do not call law enforcement about a group of Brown Bears in the K-Beach area, unless the bears are causing physical harm to property or animals.

Soldotna Troopers are currently aware of a female Brown Bear and three 2 or 3 year old cubs rummaging through trash in the K-Beach area.

Troopers urge local residents to take care of all outside garbage and barbecues, to eliminate any smells which may attract the four bears.

The bears have been seen in neighborhoods near Poppy Ridge & Banita, near Kenai Peninsula College and around the KSRM studios on K-Beach, and troopers continue say they do not want to have to shoot the bears, and ask homeowners to stay clear of the animals and clean their areas as thoroughly as possible.

Do not call Troopers unless the bears are attacking people, animals, or are trying to break into houses. The local post has been flooded with calls from anxious residents.

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One Comment to “Bears Continue to Roam K-Beach Neighborhoods”

  • Steve says:

    Sat am 6/29/13 Am I correct w/ the following ? IF You chose to Shoot a Bear in Defence of Life & Property then You are responsible to Harvest that Bear meaning skinning, removing the head & claws & taking those to fish & game.
    OR does a Road Kill Group Harvest the Bear ? SPW