Bears at Soldotna ‘Y’

Brown bears are continuing to make their way around local cities, with Soldotna Police reporting sightings last night at the Soldotna ‘Y’, Magnum Motors, Don Jose’s, Birch St, Redoubt St and Binkley St.


The message remains the same from Jeff Selinger, Area Wildlife Biologist, and Lt. Streifel with the Alaska Wildlife Troopers…


Selinger: “And we’d just really like to encourage people to pick up their trash or any other items that might attract these animals. That’s the reason they’re here and the reason they’re staying in town and in the neighborhoods is because they’re obtaining food items in human trash pretty much. So the sooner we can get that picked up and the food source dries up for these animals, the more likely it is they’ll move on.

Lt. Streifel: “If we have bears frequenting neighborhoods, due to poor trash or garbage practices, it increases the risk of people having a potentially dangerous encounter with wildlife, which is what we want to avoid. The State of Alaska does have a regulation which makes it illegal to negligently leave human food, animal food, or garbage in a manner that attracts wildlife. If cited, people face a fine of $300.”

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