BearCat Responds to Funny River Incident

Posted: October 19, 2013 at 10:49 pm

A gun shot was heard in the Funny River area this evening, around 8pm. State Troopers responded with the Special Emergency Response Team and the armored BearCat.


One man was found dead from a self-inflicted gunshot. No one else was injured.


Next of kin has not yet been notified. The identity of the deceased has not been released.

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9 Comments to “BearCat Responds to Funny River Incident”

  • Gail Balzer says:

    Too sad. Prayers going out to a family tonight.

  • Jeff says:

    Yeah – gotta take the BearCat!!!!!

  • jane doe says:

    Why do the troopers need to respond to a random gunshot with no one being threatened with a armored vehicle. Welcome to a police state alaska

  • Mike says:

    No random gunshots, just a wildly incomplete news story here.

  • pete says:

    Good Lord! I’m glad I don’t live out there anymore. I was shooting all the time! Hello!, it’s funny river!!!

  • Bill and Samon Arnold says:

    Practice your shooting skills and the Trooper “Bearcat” might finish you off!

  • Knee Jerk posts says:

    There were people in danger that are now out of danger thanks to AST.
    So please stop the I hate the cops, I hate the BearCat posts. God forbid you are ever in need of a rescue.

  • Steve Wright says:


    Now as for the New Boy Toy BearCat. Think of how many addtitional Ak State Troopers could have been Hired for the Cost of Only One BearCat ! Yes this New Toy was purchased thru HomeLandSecurity $Grant Funding$ but in my book Funding a Hiring More State Troopers is much more important.


  • Steve Wright says:

    Thur 10/24/13 Yes IF I were a SERT Team Member & someone was Shooting at Me with Small Arms YES I would want the BEARCAT fully armoured assault vehicle. But much more Important is the HIRING of more STATE TROOPERS. Those addtional Troopers would save many more Alaskans than a BearCat. SPW