Bear Baiting Permit Applications Available at Refuge



The Kenai National Wildlife Refuge says it is offering opportunities for individuals to participate in black bear baiting.  According to the Refuge, the application process has changed to obtain a black bear baiting permit for 2012.    A random drawing will be used to determine the order in which bait areas will be selected.


Permit applications must be received between March 12th and April 6th.  On Saturday, April 7th, the random drawing will begin.  The Refuge says bait areas will be chosen and permits issued in the order drawn.  After the drawing, all remaining sites will be available on a first-come, first-served basis.


The Refuge says the permits are issued for exclusive one-square mile areas within the portion of the Refuge open to black bear baiting.  The season runs from May 1st to June 30th.


All bait stations must be registered with the Alaska Department of Fish and Game.  All hunters must have a valid Alaska hunting license and have completed a bear baiting clinic approved by the state.



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