Ballot Initiative To Legalize Marijuana Opens Locally

As states like California, Colorado and Washington fall in line with the legalization of recreational and medicinal use marijuana, Alaska could be the next state to legalize.


We sat down with volunteer Gabriel Vanzee, who was asking for signatures at Lucky Raven Tobacco.



Vanzee: “What we’re hoping for is just to open up the debate again. The last time it came through in 2004 it got shut down but there were only like 45,000 voters at the time that actually voted on it which really wasn’t a real demographic of Alaska in my opinion, so this time we’re trying to get everyone out to vote young people, old people and everyone in the middle.”


Vanzee said he was quite optimistic that the initiative would reach its goal in gaining signatures.



Vanzee: “Last I heard they’re about 25,000 signatures in, their goal is 45,000. They have until January to collect the signatures and considering they’re over half way there I think it’s a pretty good shot”.


Timothy Hinterberger who launched this ballot initiative will appear on KSRM’s Soundoff tomorrow morning.





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