Bait Restrictions Now in Place for Lower Kenai

The Alaska Department of Fish and Game has prohibited the use of  bait on the lower Kenai River, a move aimed at Chinook Salmon conservation.


The Department is also prohibiting the use of multiple hooks as the coho fishery opens on the Kenai today.

The restrictions will be in place through Thursday, August 15 at 11:59pm. Fish and Game officials say that guide logbooks show an average of 235 kings are caught incidentally during the fishery, which is why the restrictions have been implemented.


Nearly all the recorded catches occur before August 15, so “although the prohibition on the use of bait and multiple hooks during the first two weeks of August will greatly reduce the catch rates of coho salmon, it will more importantly also lessen the incidental catch of late-run king salmon.”


This restriction is in place from the mouth of the Kenai, upstream to the Sterling Highway bridge in Soldotna, upstream of the bridge to the outlet of Skilak Lake anglers may use bait and multiple hooks.

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