Bagley And Murphy Finish Off KSRM Debates This Week

The final round of a week long debate forum on KSRM 920 AM has come to an end today, finishing off with Soldotna Borough candidates Dale Bagley and Linda Murphy.


A hot topic this morning on Soundoff, hosted by Duane Bannock and Jake Thompson, was of course term limits.


Linda Murphy had this to say about term limits.


Murphy: “I intend to vote to do away with term limits, not that it will affect me because I have no intention on running after this next term. I’ve said this over and over but I’m 65 years old, I don’t want to be sitting on the assembly when I’m 70 so when this term is up I will be 68 and it will be time for someone younger to step in and fill the void I think. If we have to have term limits I would be comfortable with three but personally I think term limits are best decided at the ballot box, if not for term limits I think that¬†Pete Sprague would still be sitting in my seat and I would have supported him, I only ran because he was termed out”.


Dale Bagley responded.



Bagley: “I do support term limits, I’ll vote for the two terms vs the three terms, I believe that new people in is a good thing I just like term limits and I don’t like seeing someone stay on for long periods of time, having said that I do get tired of voters doing this and then the assembly getting rid of it. I appreciate the fact that it is going to the voters again but how often are we going to keep asking the voters until we get the answer that assembly members want to hear.”


We would like to thank all the candidates for participating in our debate this week as well as the listeners and the individuals that supplied questions for the candidates.

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