Backyard Chickens Back on the Agenda for Kenai City Council

The Kenai City Council is set to meet tonight, and one item on the agenda is continuing the discussion of back yard chickens. We spoke to Kenai City Council Member Terry Bookey


Cm. Bookey: “I made a motion, about 90-days ago, at a council meeting asking to have a substitute ordinance brought  forward modeling the keeping of chickens in the City of Kenai after the kennel ordinance that’s currently on the books for dogs. Working with the city administration and city attorney, there will be a substitute ordinance presented at Wednesday night’s council meeting, doing just that, to model the keeping of urban chickens within the city limits, on lot sizes less than 40,000 square feet, and there will be permit process associated with that.”


Bookey said that, in his opinion, this substitute is a good compromise


Cm. Bookey: “Between the folks who really don’t want chickens and those who do want chickens,  so if there are any interactions with wildlife, such as bears and things of that nature, we’ll have records of where there are chickens, then we can come and make sure that they’re following the proper protocol for keeping chickens, that their coop is in proper order, that their feed isn’t out in the open, and that there aren’t other things that are causing undue attractants to the wildlife.”


The Kenai City Council will meet at 7:00pm at the Kenai City Council Chambers.

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