Back to the Drawing Board For Selective Harvest Module

For months, Clam Gulch fisherman Brent Johnson has been researching, designing, and building his provocative Selective Harvest Module. Now, we can confirm Johnson has tested his first module; with limited success…


Johnson: “What happened is some big waves developed, and the big waves move gravel laterally down the beach, and the set nets sometimes can catch gravel and get buried because of big waves, and that’s what happened to our selective harvest module. It has much smaller mesh, so it takes a much smaller piece of gravel can get caught in it and it buried our seine. So, anyway, we’re back to the drawing board slightly.”



Johnson said he’ll continue to refine his design, though he’d ideally like to use a scaled-down version of the traditional fish traps; however, that is currently illegal. Johnson said laws can change, and pointed to the reason he says traps were first outlawed…


Johnson: “Because they were owned by the outside fishing interests in San Francisco and Seattle, the ones that controlled the fisheries. And a lot of traps were owned by local people, too. But as it turned out, the State just treated everybody the same and outlawed them all.”

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